Newly launched Perfect Replica Longines Spirit Series L3.820.4.73 42 mm Watch!

The Longines Spirit series, originated from the timekeeping equipment,that accompanied the pioneers of the era to conquer the sky, land and sea.

Pioneers and explorers including Amelia Earhar, Paul-Emile Victo, Elinor Smith and Howard Hughes trust Longines and accompany them on their journey of discovery.

And our latest Replica Longines Spirit series adopts advanced technology to ensure accurate and reliable travel time.

Replica Longines Spirit Series

Replica Longines Spirit Series

With high-quality automatic machinery, this Replica Longines Spirit Series, you deserve it.

Replica Longines Spirit Series

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What are your suggestions for a first time wrist watch buyer?

Before buying a watch, you must first understand the grade of each brand and the grade corresponding to your budget.

Understand which brands the target grade has, the characteristics of each brand and the main series, select at least 3 watches according to their favorite styles and functions, and then compare the parameters of the watches.

Main research parameters:

1. Movement (whether the movement is certified by the observatory, whether the movement is self-produced or purchased, whether the purchased movement has been polished and optimized, how accurate is the travel time, and whether the movement model matches the size of the dial)

2. Waterproof performance (50 meters life waterproof, or diving waterproof above 100 meters)

3. Watch strap (leather, canvas, ceramic, stainless steel, 18k gold)

After studying the parameters, study the price. For the price list on the official website, compare whether there is a difference in price between the physical store and the official website. If there is no price on the official website, find it through other websites/forums.

Things to pay attention to after buying a watch:

1.No waterproof watch can be worn in a hot bath.

In fact, the original intention of this is that the watch should not be exposed to hot water. Extremely cold and extremely hot temperature changes will accelerate the aging of the waterproof rubber ring and reduce the waterproof performance.

2.When the watch is not worn, please keep it away from electrical appliances and magnetic fields

Not all watches have anti-magnetic function. Magnetic fields can often affect the accuracy and lifespan of the watch. For those who don’t wear watches often, they may only buy watches for special occasions. If they don’t usually wear watches, they should be kept away. Places for electrical appliances and magnetic fields.

3.The watch is marked as waterproof to 30 meters, which does not mean you can swim with it!

The waterproof depth marked on traditional watches is a theoretical value measured statically in the laboratory, and does not represent how many meters the watch can dive underwater!

Today’s Apple smartwatches can be worn for swimming, and official data indicate a water resistance of 50 meters. I don’t know how Apple measured this data, but please remember: this is completely different from the water resistance of traditional watches! The waterproof depth and actual wearing environment can be simply divided into three levels:

Below 50 meters: waterproof for life, mainly for splashing. Do not wash the watch directly with water, let alone swimming, diving, etc. It is best to keep it in the bag when the rain is too heavy, and the water-resistant 30-meter watch will enter the rain. There are also situations.

100-300 meters: swimming level, this waterproof level watch can be worn for swimming, diving is a bit far-fetched. (Except for professional diving watches)

300 meters and above: diving level, as long as you are not an extreme diver, a waterproof watch of 300 meters and above can meet your needs. If you are a diver, please look for a more professional diving watch. There are also watches with a water resistance of several kilometers.

Most of the waterproof performance of a watch will be marked on the dial or the back of the watch. For example, the words “3bar (30m/100ft)” under the back of the watch indicate that the water resistance of this watch is 30 meters, which is waterproof for life, and it is not suitable Wear swimming, but daily use is sufficient.

Replica Rolex Datejust Yellow Gold Case 41 mm Watch

The ZG factory replica Rolex Datejust yellow gold 41 mm is on the market. How is it different from the replica Rolex Datejust from ordinary manufacturers?

The craftsmanship of the fonts in the dial and the calendar magnifying glass is the same as that of the original Rolex. The fonts are clear and detailed, and you can’t see the difference with the original when you look closely with the magnifying glass.

The ZG factory replica Rolex Datejust yellow gold 41 mm watch mirror adopts high-strength sapphire glass, which makes it difficult to leave scratches.

The clasp is the same as the original.

The case and strap are made of 316S steel with better rigidity than 316L.

The watch case is a CNC waterproof case with excellent waterproof performance, no external waterproofing is required.Equipped with Japanese 8215 movement,good accuracy and low failure rate.

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Why do high-end watches like to use leather as a strap?

In our impression, most of the watches that cost tens of thousands of dollars seem to be leather straps, such as the precious metal watches of top famous watches such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Breguet, Lange and so on.

So this has formed a concept in our hearts: the best watch must be a matching belt.

So, why do high-end watches like to use leather as a strap?

First of all, the current high-end top watches are mostly made of precious metals such as platinum and gold watches. Such precious metal watches with the same precious metal strap will undoubtedly greatly increase the cost of the watch. The value of the strap will even exceed the value of the case. The cost is also a consideration.

Of course, non-metal watch bands are also divided into many types, such as cowhide, pigskin, lizard skin, pearl fish skin, etc.; rubber bands, polyurethane bands, nylon bands, fabric bands, etc., of course, artificial leather; our most common is cowhide bands And alligator belts for high-end watches.

Moreover, the styles of high-end top watches are more traditional design styles. The watches that were originally designed to meet social etiquette have now evolved into business accessories. In the eyes of old-school Europeans, business people are indispensable: belts and wallets are all leather. This is also a tradition that has continued in the West. In social etiquette occasions, the leather strap itself adds that noble and elegant temperament. The metal strap is more like a manual laborer who goes to work outside the country all year round.

The leather strap is the most common strap material for mid-range watches. Although calf leather is not expensive, its softness, durability, and high cost performance make it popular in the market. There is another characteristic of the cowhide strap that cannot be achieved by alligator skin: it can be used with any type of watch, such as sports watches: Panerai, IWC, Zenith and other flight watches. The thick leather strap is only cowhide. This can be done; of course, the material is one aspect, and the workmanship is also very elegant. The thickness of the line along the edge of the leather strap, the symmetrical drawing perforation, and the folding on the back of the strap are all measures of the quality of a leather strap. standard.

The top watches generally use crocodile leather straps, crocodile leather is generally the material of top objects, crocodile belts, crocodile shoes, etc. have always stood at the top of the leather materials. Of course, crocodile skin is also divided into three or six or nine grades. There are many types of crocodile, all over the world. In terms of raw materials, the Mississippi crocodile in North America, the Amazon crocodile in South America, African crocodile, Indian crocodile, and South Asian crocodile. Also very different. In recent years, the excessive hunting and killing environment has become worse and the cost of artificial breeding is high, so the price of crocodile leather is increasing year by year. This is one of the reasons why crocodile leather straps are expensive.

The top crocodile leather straps are mainly alligators from Mississippi and Louisiana alligators from South America. The materials of crocodile leather straps are also quite demanding. Due to the thin and soft requirements of the strap, the back and tail of the alligator The leather is hard, and only a small piece of leather on the inner belly of the crocodile can be used to make a watchband. The leather on this small belly can also be divided into round, bamboo, and Bamboo knot pattern combined with round pattern, etc.

The slub pattern is the most commonly used in high-end precious metal watches. Its characteristic is that the pattern of the finished strap looks like a slub, and the bending direction of the strap has a pattern of knots, which is very soft and stick to the wrist. The round strap is more soft and durable than the slub pattern, but the leather is not very neat, so the price is lower than the slub pattern. Alligator leather straps have relatively strong regular patterns and are generally not easy to imitate. Therefore, the value of alligator leather can only be superimposed on expensive high-end top watches.

Finally, it should be noted that whether it is a calfskin strap or a crocodile leather strap, they are consumables rather than durable goods, so the straps have a service life, usually about two to three years. When you wear it daily, you should pay more attention to cleaning and taking care of it.

Is there really a difference in quality between a fake Rolex and a real Rolex, or are you just paying for the brand?

Is there really a difference in quality between a replica Rolex and a real Rolex, or are you just paying for the brand?

I have received a lot of similar questions recently, now let’s take a low-end replica that is easy to see the gap as an example.

Yes, the difference is definitely there.

Imitation watches are also divided into different levels. Low-level imitation watches may only have the appearance of the original watch, use inferior case and strap materials, poor polishing technology, and poor movement, and even using quartz movement counterfeit automatic movement. The high-end replica watch is not only completely similar to the original watch in appearance details, but also uses a relatively high-end movement, all functions are practical.Let’s compare the difference between a low-end replica Rolex and a genuine Rolex.

These two Submariners 116610 are currently popular models. One is a real watch and the other is an imitation watch. Let’s analyze them below. Observing the picture above, we can find that the real watch is emerald green, the green is very coquettish, very energetic and overall The finish is very high. The imitation watch appears dark. Let’s analyze them in detail.

Let’s take a look at the luminous dots on the diving rotating outer bezel. The luminous dots in the first picture are round and shiny, and the sides of the luminous dots are slightly indented. The metal covering the luminous is of high finish, and the circular edge is curved mirror polished, which is not easy to wear. , Does not fall easily. In the second picture, on the contrary, the luminous spot paint is yellowish.

The fine characters of the ceramic ring on the rotating outer ring are compared, and the font is the same, but the filling material is different. The genuine product contains platinum, but the imitation product is different. The difference in filling material causes the difference in filling effect. The genuine scale has neat corners, and the filling material is flat and clean.

Observe the blisters of the watch glass obliquely, the left and right sides of the real watch are equal, and there will be no unevenness. The blue anti-reflective coating can still be seen after zooming in. Note that it is after zooming in. After the fake watch is enlarged, the whole is dark.

The calendar font is also a good point of identification. The real calendar is neat and tidy, and the ink feels prominent. The font of the imitation watch is obviously different from the real watch, and the ink is scattered. This can be used as a quantitative comparison.

The triangle mark is a very good point of identification. The corners of the triangle mark on the real watch are highly mirror-polished, and the inner edge is clean and free of burrs. The material of the inner luminous paint is obviously different from the fake watch paint. The imitation watch also notices the polishing.But the inner corners are uneven, and the luminous paint leaks out.

Looking at the Rolex lacquer characters, the fake watch’s paint printed on the Rolex crown logo “Thick Lips” and the crown dot is not round, the overall edge is wavy, and the edges of the lacquer font are also wavy. The ink does not highlight the three-dimensional effect. The real lacquer characters are round, concentrated and not scattered.

Take a look at the needle shaft. Looking at the needle shaft as a whole from the above two pictures, the needle shaft of the real watch is round and convex, and has a high degree of mirror polishing. The overall smoothness is high. The center of the needle shaft is clearly visible and the middle shaft is polished. Polished.

The hour hand on the left has a flat and highly mirror-polished needle surface, finely processed needle tips, and neat corners without burrs. The edges and corners of the imitation watch are covered with burrs, and there are double creases in the middle.

The square metal scale of the real watch has rounded corners and arc-shaped highly mirror-polished. The font “SWISS MADE” printed with paint is clear and the thickness is consistent.

The above is the difference between the low-end imitation Rolex Submariner and the genuine one. The high-end replica Rolex has good workmanship and basically has no flaws in appearance. Unless you take it apart and check the movement.Correspondingly,its movement is also very good.

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OM Factory Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Tachymeter Base Automatic Watch

Perfect Replica Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Tachymeter Base Automatic Watch

  • 316L Stainless Steel Case & Rose Bronze Bezel
  • 316L 2-Tone Rose Gold Band
  • Diameter 41.5mm
  • Swiss 9300 Automatic Movement With Working Chronograph – Problem Free Movement
  • Scratch-Proof Sapphire Crystal

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Evaluation: OM Factory Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon compared to genuine

Evaluation: OM Factory Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon compared to genuine

The creative inspiration of the Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon watch, comes from the brilliant achievements of the “Apollo 8” astronauts.
The unique design makes them stand out from the rest of the watches, and this brown character “Dark Side of the Moon” ,is different from the all black version, it is more retro, and the brown leather strap brings a trace of “unruly” soul to it.
The 44.25 mm watch stands out with its unique brown hands and scales. A few days ago, the OM factory has also launched a new upgraded version of this model, which uses a ceramic case that is consistent with the original product. The following is the actual picture:
The pointer and scale are coated with luminous coating. The bezel is frosted ceramic, the tachymeter scale is also covered with this luminous coating, the dial is matt ceramic, and the logo is made by laser ablation.
Luminous effect display
Movement display
Equipped with OM factory’s exclusive re-engraved 9300 movement, the function is the same as the original version, and the appearance is highly restored.
OM Factory Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon
Next is the comparison with the genuine product (on the left is the original product, on the right is the replica watch from OM factory)
The Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon of the OM factory, the whole ceramic circle has no inner tank, the craftsmanship is the same as the original factory, and there is no defect.
The words on the dial and strap are 100% identical.
The case has clear lines, sharp edges and corners, and consistent colors.
The back shell has clear lettering, both inside and outside, exactly the same as the original one.
Summary: This OM factory “Dark Side of Speedmaster Moon” can bring you the experience of using the original watch.
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Replica Richard Mille RM 007-1 Ceramic Case Watch

2020 New Replica Richard Mille RM 007-1 Ceramic Case Watch Is Coming!

This new replica Richard Mille RM 007-1 Diamond Encrusted Ceramic Case Watch,using the most difficult to build bridge-shaped ceramic case,zirconia polycrystalline structural ceramics with extremely high hardness and beautiful color.

The case and dial are set with diamonds, which have excellent discoloration resistance and abrasion resistance, and the entire watch has beautiful and smooth lines.

Natural rubber strap, comfortable to wear.

High quality automatic movement,ensure accurate time.

In general, this is an amazing Richard Mille replica watch with good materials and excellent workmanship. It can be said to be the best among ladies replica watches.

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Replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oka 15400 Yellow Gold Watch

New Replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oka 15400 Yellow Gold Watch in perfect-arw

This Audemars Piguet Royal Oak all-gold limited edition has long been listed as a non-sale item by Audemars Piguet, but now we have reproduced it for your watch fans to appreciate

The gold dial is engraved with the Grande Tapisserie pattern, with white gold luminescent three-dimensional hour markers and Royal Oak hands.

The trimmed components are all hand-decorated and polished (chamfer and polished surface, straight grain polished on the front, matte polished on the back),try best to restore the original workmanship

Black leather strap (optional gold 316L stainless steel strap) with gold AP folding buckle.

According to our international sales guarantee terms, your Audemars Piguet watch will enjoy a one-year warranty for defects in manufacturing or workmanship.

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Replica Franck Muller Vanguard V 45 Watch at

Replica Franck Muller Vanguard V 45 Watch at
Franck Muller is a watchmaker with extensive experience. He founded a watch brand named after himself more than ten years ago. The barrel-shaped body image and exaggerated digital scale are the characteristics and symbols of the Franck Muller brand.
The retro sentiment that the barrel-shaped body has set off around the world has made FM famous. Until now, although the brand has only a dozen years of history, it has become a classic of watch brands. Today I brought you a re-engraved Franco Mullin V45 series replica watch.
Pin the Franck Muller V45 series watch with eye-catching fonts. Pay tribute to the original FM factory, show all the details perfectly.
1. This watch is a slightly arc-shaped pillow-shaped case, which is comfortable to your hand. The seemingly simple case is composed of eight internal and external parts and is precisely controlled.
2. The color of each style is loyal to the original version. Many watch fans may not be able to search for this watch on the Internet. If you are interested, you can check it on the official website. We don’t need to bother to re-engrave the style without it. All processes and procedures follow the original factory.
3. The strap has perfect details, soft and breathable. The double-layer design is derived from genuine products and hand-routed, showing a gentleman style.
4. The movement adopts a high-performance Japanese movement with stable performance. The reason why 2824 or 2892 is not used is to improve long-term stability.
5. Watch buckle, follow the steps of genuine products, fold the buckle, add exquisite drawing process, and emboss the Moulin trademark.
6. The density of the head and gear is strictly in accordance with the specifications of the genuine product. The side of the head is embossed with the genuine logo, and the paint is plated, and the paint surface is even.
7. For the case accessories, each screw is made by a separate mold and painted; the bottom cover is finely brushed and engraved with the brand logo and the corresponding model number, which are highly consistent with the original.
Attach several other product details for everyone to enjoy:
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