Is there really a difference in quality between a fake Rolex and a real Rolex, or are you just paying for the brand?

Is there really a difference in quality between a replica Rolex and a real Rolex, or are you just paying for the brand?

I have received a lot of similar questions recently, now let’s take a low-end replica that is easy to see the gap as an example.

Yes, the difference is definitely there.

Imitation watches are also divided into different levels. Low-level imitation watches may only have the appearance of the original watch, use inferior case and strap materials, poor polishing technology, and poor movement, and even using quartz movement counterfeit automatic movement. The high-end replica watch is not only completely similar to the original watch in appearance details, but also uses a relatively high-end movement, all functions are practical.Let’s compare the difference between a low-end replica Rolex and a genuine Rolex.

These two Submariners 116610 are currently popular models. One is a real watch and the other is an imitation watch. Let’s analyze them below. Observing the picture above, we can find that the real watch is emerald green, the green is very coquettish, very energetic and overall The finish is very high. The imitation watch appears dark. Let’s analyze them in detail.

Let’s take a look at the luminous dots on the diving rotating outer bezel. The luminous dots in the first picture are round and shiny, and the sides of the luminous dots are slightly indented. The metal covering the luminous is of high finish, and the circular edge is curved mirror polished, which is not easy to wear. , Does not fall easily. In the second picture, on the contrary, the luminous spot paint is yellowish.

The fine characters of the ceramic ring on the rotating outer ring are compared, and the font is the same, but the filling material is different. The genuine product contains platinum, but the imitation product is different. The difference in filling material causes the difference in filling effect. The genuine scale has neat corners, and the filling material is flat and clean.

Observe the blisters of the watch glass obliquely, the left and right sides of the real watch are equal, and there will be no unevenness. The blue anti-reflective coating can still be seen after zooming in. Note that it is after zooming in. After the fake watch is enlarged, the whole is dark.

The calendar font is also a good point of identification. The real calendar is neat and tidy, and the ink feels prominent. The font of the imitation watch is obviously different from the real watch, and the ink is scattered. This can be used as a quantitative comparison.

The triangle mark is a very good point of identification. The corners of the triangle mark on the real watch are highly mirror-polished, and the inner edge is clean and free of burrs. The material of the inner luminous paint is obviously different from the fake watch paint. The imitation watch also notices the polishing.But the inner corners are uneven, and the luminous paint leaks out.

Looking at the Rolex lacquer characters, the fake watch’s paint printed on the Rolex crown logo “Thick Lips” and the crown dot is not round, the overall edge is wavy, and the edges of the lacquer font are also wavy. The ink does not highlight the three-dimensional effect. The real lacquer characters are round, concentrated and not scattered.

Take a look at the needle shaft. Looking at the needle shaft as a whole from the above two pictures, the needle shaft of the real watch is round and convex, and has a high degree of mirror polishing. The overall smoothness is high. The center of the needle shaft is clearly visible and the middle shaft is polished. Polished.

The hour hand on the left has a flat and highly mirror-polished needle surface, finely processed needle tips, and neat corners without burrs. The edges and corners of the imitation watch are covered with burrs, and there are double creases in the middle.

The square metal scale of the real watch has rounded corners and arc-shaped highly mirror-polished. The font “SWISS MADE” printed with paint is clear and the thickness is consistent.

The above is the difference between the low-end imitation Rolex Submariner and the genuine one. The high-end replica Rolex has good workmanship and basically has no flaws in appearance. Unless you take it apart and check the movement.Correspondingly,its movement is also very good.

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