Replica classic IWC Portofino white dial series

For more than 30 years, the classic and elegant IWC Portofino series has been synonymous with leisure and elegant taste.

Size 40X11mm


This replica watch has a white dial, sapphire mirror with blue coating, pointers, the roundness and three-dimensional effect of the scales are the same as the original ones, the calendar, the size of the case, and the pointers are very fine.

The polishing of the side surface of the case also reflects the craftsmanship of the top replica manufacturer, and the drawing is very fine and uniform.

This replica watch is equipped with Japanese 9015 automatic mechanical movement. This movement is of very good quality, very durable and accurate.


The case of the IWC Portofino watch is forged from 316 stainless steel and is formed by top-level numerical control technology. The surface of the case is treated with a combination of high-gloss polishing and fine wire drawing.

All scales are newly opened and upgraded and polished on the original basis to improve the surface texture of the scales and have a better roundness. The hour, minute, second and third hands are all treated with the top rhodium plating process, which improves the surface texture and color.

The case and the bottom cover are processed by a finer polishing process, and the bottom cover screws are re-molded for production. The carved structure on the bottom of the blue surface is clear, which is much stronger than the cheaper version on the market.

The strap of the IWC Portofino watch is made of imported calfskin material and finished by top hand-sewing technology. The buckle is forged with stainless steel and the structure is a pin buckle. The pin buckle is a fully imported stainless steel buckle with a certain curvature and clear lettering.

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Replica IWC Portofino Series IW391019 Blue Dial Chronograph

IWC Portofino Chronograph IW391019

The ingenuity of the ZF factory IWC Portofino series IW 391019 multi-function chronograph elegant debut, to correct any deficiencies of all previous versions on the market.

ZF factory IWC  Portofino Series IW391019 parameters:

size                          42mmX13.5mm
waterproof            50 M
Movement             7750 movement
Features                 Hours, minutes, seconds, time of day, date
Watch case            316L stainless steel
Bezel                       316L stainless steel
Table Mongolia     Sapphire mirror
Dial                          Blue dial
Strap                       Leather strap (optional crocodile leather)
Clasp                       Folding buckle

[Case] The size of the watch is 42mmX13.5mm. The size is perfectly synchronized with genuine products. The watch case is restored with a perfect circular arc, filled with the most advanced polishing and polishing process in the industry, and the effect catches up with the original. The lines are smooth and the luster shines.

[Movement] Use the stable 7750 movement, not only all functions are synchronized with the original, but the operating feel can also be consistent.

[Strap Buckle] Made of Italian calfskin, with the highest version of IWC folding clasp

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Richard Miller RM035 watch – Red devils

Richard Miller RM035 watch – Red devils

The world’s top watch brand Richard Mille, is famous all over the world for its revolutionary watch-making technology to develop the most sophisticated tourbillon watch. Richard Mille, the founder of the brand, once said: my goal is to make the pinnacle of the watch industry.

By the end of 2005, the nine Richard Mille watches that have been launched, from the design concept and watchmaking materials to the appearance and performance of each part of the watch, are closely related to the precise design of Formula one cars.

Richard Miller RM035, a hollowed-out automatic mechanical winding, is recognized by collectors and industry experts as a classic in contemporary watchmaking.

Today, I’d like to introduce a replica Richard Miller RM035 watch.Let’s take a look at his workmanship.

Customized RM.RMUL3 movement.
Hours, minutes, seconds.
Watch case.
Carbon fiber.
Carbon fiber.
Table mask.
Scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass.
Hollowed-out tourbillon.
Watch band.
Natural rubber black strap.
Watch buckle.
Folding buckle.

Richard Miller RM035 carbon fiber material from the overall appearance looks light, wear the weight is not so heavy, strong handle and other labels have always been the characteristics of Richard Miller, using a customized version of the RM.RMUL3 movement, the clock wheel and split wheel move with the time.

[five unique features].

1. The only copy of Richard Miller RM035 with original open mold on the market. The watch case, bottom cover and head are all made of carbon fiber, which is extremely light.
two. After a long attempt, the carbon fiber pattern on the shell is consistent with the authentic one.
3. Not only the structure is consistent, but also the assembly process, method and sequence are synchronized with the original.
4. After three waterproof tests.
5. Customized RM.RMUL3 movement

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Evaluation of perfect replica Patek Philippe Calatrava 5227 V2 version

Today is the Patek Philippe

Evaluation of perfect replica Patek Philippe Calatrava 5227 V2 version

Today’s evaluation is the Patek Philippe Calatrava series, a classic and simple watch style: Patek Philippe Calatrava 5227, a high-end watch, called the “king of the wrist”, currently it has been upgraded to the V2 version, using a customized version of Cal.324. Machine-thinner, more stable.

Patek Philippe Calatrava 5227 rose gold white dial watch
How about the workmanship of the Patek Philippe Calatrava 5227 series V2 edition replica watch?
1.SIZE: The size of the watch is 40mmX10.2mm, which can be said to be an ultra-thin watch.
The workmanship of the triangle pit pattern on the crown is extremely regular and meticulous. The top of the crown is the Patek Philippe brand logo, which is clear and complete. The curvature of the watch body is natural and smooth, fully achieving the original effect!
2.CASE:  Upgrade the polished case to make it more well-balanced and coordinated, and exclusively restore the unique warm texture of the genuine product.
3.BACK COVER:  The back cover bringing the same opening and closing experience as the genuine product.The biggest feature of this watch is the dust cover of the bottom cover. The design also incorporates the dust cover of the family lieutenant general.
4.SCALES&DIAL: The scales and pointers are treated with the latest precious metal electroplating process, and the effect is even higher.The dial is also treated with enamel glaze, so the physical effect is more beautiful and brighter.
5.MIRROR:  “Pot-cover type” slightly convex sapphire table mirror, the version is the same as the original product, the effect is transparent, and the identification is clear.
6.Movement: Leading the era of all-in-one machines, adopting a customized version of Cal.324 all-in-one machine-thinner, more stable and more similar.
7.Strap: Classic Italian calf leather strap with clear lines and high quality. The pin buckle is neatly polished and bright, with universal original without pressure. Ultimate elegance, classic timelessness, low-key perfection.
There is a calendar window at 3 o’clock with uniform font size. This also reflects our effort to open the model of this watch, and the details are also a great perfect replica!
Summary: The dial of this Patek Philippe Calatrava 5227 is not big, and there is no sense of disobedience for girls. There is a saying that once you have nothing else, it is more appropriate to use.
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Evaluation of IWC Big Pilot Series replica in ZF Factory

Evaluation of IWC Big Pilot series replica in ZF factory

In 2002, the modern version of the Big Pilots watch was born, using a huge case. With the increase of the watch case, the dial space also increases, so the watch has a larger and eye-catching time scale and hands.It makes the big pilot’s watch immediately become a trend. 

The case size of the big pilot’s watch reaches 46 mm, far exceeding the standard size of the men’s watch. Today, we have brought you a ZF factory big pilot series IW500401 copy table evaluation.

  ZF factory IWC pilot series IW500401

DIAL&MIRROR: The mirror adopts sapphire glass mirror, double-layer anti-dazzling coating, transparent and clear. Blue disk surface, simple design, functional synchronization of the original. They are the display of the three stitches of hours, minutes and seconds, the calendar, and the true kinetic energy of the three o’clock position.

Each workpiece is carefully crafted and carefully guarded by the ZF watchmaker. The micro-arc line at the ear of the watch is well mastered, which is consistent with the original, making the wearer more comfortable.

SIZE: The size of the watch case is 46 mm * 15.5 mm, all made of 316 stainless steel, and the shell body is exquisite and exquisite.

MOVEMENT: There is a gentle heart under the strong watch case. ZF follows in the footsteps of the original, reproducing the original Cal.51111 movement. The internal structure is 80% consistent. The function is 100% realized.

SUMMARY: This ZF factory IWC pilot series IW500401 copy table has the same appearance and workmanship as the authentic one, with exquisite polishing details, almost no chromatic aberration between the disk and the authentic one, and a movement that replicates the Cal.51111 movement, which is as powerful as the original.

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1:1 Replica IWC Portugieser Rose Gold Case Automatic Chronograph Watch

1:1 Replica IWC Portugieser Rose Gold Case Automatic Chronograph Watch

As one of the most famous watch replica factories, ZF Factory, this newly upgraded IWC Portuguese is one of their main products.After constant corrections, how does this ZF IWC Portuguese V2 version perform?
Now ZF factory Portuguese V2 version
First talk about the most important part of the watch-the movement.Now ZF factory Portuguese V2 version has equipped new movement. Based on 7750 movement, unnecessary splints and parts are removed, and it is converted into Cal.79350 movement, which makes the thickness of the whole watch thinner,  achieved consistency with the original version.
The back case of ZF factory Portuguese V2 version
                 Rose Gold Case,thickness is almost the same as the original
At the same time, since the number of grafted gears of the movement has been greatly reduced, the stability of the movement has also been greatly improved, and zero repairs have been achieved!
The workmanship of the three function keys of the Portuguese V2 version is also reliable, and the logo embossment on the knob is also in place. The left and right buttons and the middle handle are not on the same horizontal line. This detail is also consistent with the original version. The old version is on the same horizontal line.
Finally, let’s take a look at the bottom buckle together. I feel that the difference between ZF factory V2 Portuguese and the genuine buckle is very small, and the visual effect is the same.
But in a small detail, the genuine buckle metal is very smooth, ZF has a certain amount of metal The drawing process, the edges and corners on the top of the buckle are matched with the drawing process, which makes the buckle very textured and very comfortable and convenient to wear.

The buckle of ZF factory Portuguese V2 version

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OM Factory Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400 Black Tapisserie Dial 41 MM Automatic Watch

Speaking of Audemars Piguet, now I can only think of the Royal Oak, or at most think of its brother-Royal Oak Offshore. The other series under the brand, such as Millenary, HAUTE JOAILLERIE, are rarely mentioned.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, this watch designed by Gerald Genta in 1971 and launched in 1972 not only changed the Audemars Piguet brand itself, but also affected the entire Swiss watch industry. Today, the production of the Royal Oak series accounts for about 70% of the Audemars Piguet brand, which is amazing.

But the price of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak discourages many people who like it, but now OM Factory has launched a perfect replica of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400.

Below are the details of the product

DIAL&CASE  Black Tapisserie Dial,316L stainless steel bezel,The most iconic aspect of the Royal Oak collection is its recognizable octagonal bezel shape attached with eight hexagonal screws.

BACK CASE Transparent back cover, the structure inside the table is clearly visible.

BRACELET  High quality 316L Solid Stainless Steel bracelet with AP folding clasp.

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Noob Factory V9 Rolex Submariner Green Dial Diamond Bezel 904L Steel 40 MM Automatic Watch

Perfect replica Rolex Submariner -It’s not a joke once and for all. Almost the industry’s strongest brand awareness and good brand image, durable, classic and durable design,Buying a perfect replica Rolex, you can get the brand image of Rolex Submariner with the same shape as the original and useful watch for very little money.

The details of the product are as follows:

DIAL – Classical green dial with iconic Mercedes needle,the calendar magnifying glass is at 03:00.

BEZEL&CASE – Diamond encrusted 904L stainless steel case,bezel set with green crystal and clear crystal. It has a strong anti-corrosion function, and the outer ring of the gear strengthens the friction.

BRACELETThe 904L stainless steel case and the strap Glidelock buckle are comfortable to put on and take off.

OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION –  It is equipped Swiss ETA-3135 Automatic Movement With Smooth Sweeping Second Hand.

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Hall level Luxury watches(4):Hublot Ferrari watches and Rolex Rainbow Daytona

Hall level Luxury watches: 100,000 to 300,000 US dollars.

The so-called hall level is an amazing work that can be placed in museums around the world. For example, this limited edition Hublot Ferrari watches completely breaks everyone’s perception of watches. Extremely complex, extremely refined, but also led to the price can only be a number.

Hublot Ferrari watches limited MP-05 men’s mechanical watch, founded in 1980, is a top Swiss watch brand that combines precious metals and natural rubber to create luxury watches.

In 2013, they worked with Ferrari to create a straddling watch with crazy performance, using the car engine as a design inspiration. The overall design seems to place the cylinder in the center of the surface, and the activity of each gear projects strong power.

Hublot Ferrari watches also has the largest number of watchmaking components in Hublot history, with 637 components, an outer layer of black PVD coated titanium, a sapphire crystal lens and a transparent bottom cover, and a magnificent titanium and carbon fiber insert at the top and center of the watch.

Of course, since Hublot Ferrari watches are co-named with a high-end sports car, it also has excellent performance, with a long power reserve of 50 days and a world record for the power reserve of a manually wound tourbillon watch. To say the disadvantage, it may be that the readings are more complex, and it takes some skills for ordinary people to know the time for the first time.

Or the Rolex Rainbow Daytona, which is priced at just over $100,000. Because there were so few gems up to the standard, it was announced that the stock of Rolex gems had been exhausted a few months after Rolex Rainbow Daytona was released, and production had to be stopped. The price, which once exceeded $300,000 plus, has only recently fallen back to around $260,000.

Rolex Rainbow Daytona carry Rolex’s own movement, needless to say. What is more valuable is the extreme workmanship and the almost perfect gradient effect of gemstones.Rolex Rainbow Daytona once again demonstrated the strength of the Rolex brand.


Appreciation of luxury watches(3)-Breguet Tradition series

When the price of the watch exceeds US$100,000, the traditional functions, appearance, and materials no longer influential. The game is the heartbeat. Heartbeat special design, heartbeat brand story, heartbeat full of gems, and most important ,the heartbeat price. Next, I would like to introduce to you super luxurious watches:the Breguet Tradition collection.

Breguet Tradition collection 7027BRR99V6 18K rose gold men’s automatic watch . This  Breguet watch is the 7027 watch collection launched by Breguet in 2005.

Breguet Tradition collection 7027BRR99V6 18K rose gold watch,as the first chronograph to show the mechanical structure of the movement floor from the front, it is quite amazing because of its unique surface design. Craftsmanship retains the traditional structure of 18th century classics, as well as gilding, sandblasting and other treatment techniques, which perfectly embodies the classical aesthetics that Breguet has always adhered to.

This Breguet Tradition collection 7027BRR99V6 18K rose gold watch the small dial at 12:00, the center is designed with Parisian nails, the machine engraving process of the logo is not only beautiful but also significantly improves readability, with representative hollowed-out eccentric moon hands, elegant and beautiful. The 18K rose coin case dial and welded straight ears also reflect the various classic design elements of Breguet in detail.

The most representative of Breguet Tradition collection is the front display of the movement construction, CAL 507DR manual winding movement, 215 components,  linear lever escapement, “parachute” shock absorber at 3 o’clock, faithful protection of the exquisite single metal pendulum wheel at 4 o’clock, traditional system display at 6-9 o’clock, slender hands at 11:00 to show 50 hours of power reserve. Back through the bottom of the corresponding position also has different shapes of power reserve display, the central part of the dial can almost get a panoramic view of the snail spiral polished winding box. Each watch has an independent number and a Breguet hidden signature.

When you read this, do you think the Breguet Tradition collection is worthy of the title of super luxury watch?