What are your suggestions for a first time wrist watch buyer?

Before buying a watch, you must first understand the grade of each brand and the grade corresponding to your budget.

Understand which brands the target grade has, the characteristics of each brand and the main series, select at least 3 watches according to their favorite styles and functions, and then compare the parameters of the watches.

Main research parameters:

1. Movement (whether the movement is certified by the observatory, whether the movement is self-produced or purchased, whether the purchased movement has been polished and optimized, how accurate is the travel time, and whether the movement model matches the size of the dial)

2. Waterproof performance (50 meters life waterproof, or diving waterproof above 100 meters)

3. Watch strap (leather, canvas, ceramic, stainless steel, 18k gold)

After studying the parameters, study the price. For the price list on the official website, compare whether there is a difference in price between the physical store and the official website. If there is no price on the official website, find it through other websites/forums.

Things to pay attention to after buying a watch:

1.No waterproof watch can be worn in a hot bath.

In fact, the original intention of this is that the watch should not be exposed to hot water. Extremely cold and extremely hot temperature changes will accelerate the aging of the waterproof rubber ring and reduce the waterproof performance.

2.When the watch is not worn, please keep it away from electrical appliances and magnetic fields

Not all watches have anti-magnetic function. Magnetic fields can often affect the accuracy and lifespan of the watch. For those who don’t wear watches often, they may only buy watches for special occasions. If they don’t usually wear watches, they should be kept away. Places for electrical appliances and magnetic fields.

3.The watch is marked as waterproof to 30 meters, which does not mean you can swim with it!

The waterproof depth marked on traditional watches is a theoretical value measured statically in the laboratory, and does not represent how many meters the watch can dive underwater!

Today’s Apple smartwatches can be worn for swimming, and official data indicate a water resistance of 50 meters. I don’t know how Apple measured this data, but please remember: this is completely different from the water resistance of traditional watches! The waterproof depth and actual wearing environment can be simply divided into three levels:

Below 50 meters: waterproof for life, mainly for splashing. Do not wash the watch directly with water, let alone swimming, diving, etc. It is best to keep it in the bag when the rain is too heavy, and the water-resistant 30-meter watch will enter the rain. There are also situations.

100-300 meters: swimming level, this waterproof level watch can be worn for swimming, diving is a bit far-fetched. (Except for professional diving watches)

300 meters and above: diving level, as long as you are not an extreme diver, a waterproof watch of 300 meters and above can meet your needs. If you are a diver, please look for a more professional diving watch. There are also watches with a water resistance of several kilometers.

Most of the waterproof performance of a watch will be marked on the dial or the back of the watch. For example, the words “3bar (30m/100ft)” under the back of the watch indicate that the water resistance of this watch is 30 meters, which is waterproof for life, and it is not suitable Wear swimming, but daily use is sufficient.