Why do high-end watches like to use leather as a strap?

In our impression, most of the watches that cost tens of thousands of dollars seem to be leather straps, such as the precious metal watches of top famous watches such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Breguet, Lange and so on.

So this has formed a concept in our hearts: the best watch must be a matching belt.

So, why do high-end watches like to use leather as a strap?

First of all, the current high-end top watches are mostly made of precious metals such as platinum and gold watches. Such precious metal watches with the same precious metal strap will undoubtedly greatly increase the cost of the watch. The value of the strap will even exceed the value of the case. The cost is also a consideration.

Of course, non-metal watch bands are also divided into many types, such as cowhide, pigskin, lizard skin, pearl fish skin, etc.; rubber bands, polyurethane bands, nylon bands, fabric bands, etc., of course, artificial leather; our most common is cowhide bands And alligator belts for high-end watches.

Moreover, the styles of high-end top watches are more traditional design styles. The watches that were originally designed to meet social etiquette have now evolved into business accessories. In the eyes of old-school Europeans, business people are indispensable: belts and wallets are all leather. This is also a tradition that has continued in the West. In social etiquette occasions, the leather strap itself adds that noble and elegant temperament. The metal strap is more like a manual laborer who goes to work outside the country all year round.

The leather strap is the most common strap material for mid-range watches. Although calf leather is not expensive, its softness, durability, and high cost performance make it popular in the market. There is another characteristic of the cowhide strap that cannot be achieved by alligator skin: it can be used with any type of watch, such as sports watches: Panerai, IWC, Zenith and other flight watches. The thick leather strap is only cowhide. This can be done; of course, the material is one aspect, and the workmanship is also very elegant. The thickness of the line along the edge of the leather strap, the symmetrical drawing perforation, and the folding on the back of the strap are all measures of the quality of a leather strap. standard.

The top watches generally use crocodile leather straps, crocodile leather is generally the material of top objects, crocodile belts, crocodile shoes, etc. have always stood at the top of the leather materials. Of course, crocodile skin is also divided into three or six or nine grades. There are many types of crocodile, all over the world. In terms of raw materials, the Mississippi crocodile in North America, the Amazon crocodile in South America, African crocodile, Indian crocodile, and South Asian crocodile. Also very different. In recent years, the excessive hunting and killing environment has become worse and the cost of artificial breeding is high, so the price of crocodile leather is increasing year by year. This is one of the reasons why crocodile leather straps are expensive.

The top crocodile leather straps are mainly alligators from Mississippi and Louisiana alligators from South America. The materials of crocodile leather straps are also quite demanding. Due to the thin and soft requirements of the strap, the back and tail of the alligator The leather is hard, and only a small piece of leather on the inner belly of the crocodile can be used to make a watchband. The leather on this small belly can also be divided into round, bamboo, and Bamboo knot pattern combined with round pattern, etc.

The slub pattern is the most commonly used in high-end precious metal watches. Its characteristic is that the pattern of the finished strap looks like a slub, and the bending direction of the strap has a pattern of knots, which is very soft and stick to the wrist. The round strap is more soft and durable than the slub pattern, but the leather is not very neat, so the price is lower than the slub pattern. Alligator leather straps have relatively strong regular patterns and are generally not easy to imitate. Therefore, the value of alligator leather can only be superimposed on expensive high-end top watches.

Finally, it should be noted that whether it is a calfskin strap or a crocodile leather strap, they are consumables rather than durable goods, so the straps have a service life, usually about two to three years. When you wear it daily, you should pay more attention to cleaning and taking care of it.